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Get popular posts from Top 10 Australian Astrology blogs delivered directly to your email inbox. Top 10 Australian Astrology blogs. Submit Your Blog. Subscribe newsletter. Cassandra's Astrology Brisbane, Australia About Blog Cassandra's Astrology can provide invaluable insight into discovering who you are by unraveling your true potential, your gifts and strengths to enable you to better understand your unique life journey.

Astrology School Astrology blog Melbourne, Australia About Blog Astrology School is a place to interact, learn, and discuss astrology related topics such as horoscopes of celebrities, newsmakers, how to arrange an astrological reading and more. The natural year is the time it takes for the Sun to traverse the 12 signs of the zodiac and it is not in alignment with the natural cycles to start a new year January 1.

The start of the astrological New Year begins next month in March when the Sun and the Moon are conjunct Aries the first sign of the zodiac. Think of this time as the end phase, surrendering and going in to connect with source moment before the new growth and activity occurs. The end of February is a time to connect with your inner voice, your higher self and spirit.

What are your true dreams, visions and aspirations? This is a great time to engage in a more regular spiritual practice.

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Guidance will come regarding the path to take that is more in alignment with your souls purpose. When the Sun and Moon moves into Aries next month you will be able to put out your years intentions and resolutions with integrity, depth of feeling and genuine commitment. Do you remember your dreams? They are super powerful and often give us messages and keys. If the Pineal gland the seat of consciousness is shut down we will not remember them.

The religion of Sound and Light, called Eckankar imparts original teachings of dream work and soul travel. It is said that there is always a living dream master on the physical plain and after that life experience they then ascend to work on other plains helping souls to the light and sound through their dreams. According to their records, Pythagoras and Jesus where living Eck masters.

Australian astrologer maggie kerr

So here is a little exercise…. The spiritual nature of the solar eclipse being in Pisces with so many planets charging it blends perfectly with the mystical lunar eclipse. The many talents provided by the previous lunar eclipse can now be put to use following inspiration from your hopes and dreams. Staying true to your dreams brings good fortune in health, wealth, happiness and deeper more connected relationships. On the morning of Sunday 26 February the solar eclipse will be visible from South America.

It then ends in South-Western Africa at sunset. Being an annular solar eclipse, not all of the Sun will be darkened. Eeka King was drawn to the study of Astrology at a very early age. She continues to be available for Readings worldwide by Phone or Skype. See pdf file of topics available. Contact Babula for more information.

Chirone Shakti. Dymock Brose Astrologers' Forum. In Dymock Brose initiated the "Astrologers' Forum", a newsletter that invited astrologers from all over the world to partake in discussion and debate. Dymock continued to edit and distribute this newsletter for the next 23 years.

Destiny Interview Series – Maggie Kerr

Rhonda Buttery Astrotech. Living Now. We aim to publish stories and information to support the complete integration of body, mind, emotions and soul. In a non-doctrinal way, we seek to contribute to the growth of humanity in coming to understand that we are all connected.

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We believe we all have the power to make a difference by expanding our own perceptions and beliefs. Tina Mews.

Maggie Kerr Professional Astrologer, author, counsellor, teacher, coach universalastrology. Her classes are fun, interactive, experiential and always enlightening star ashtara.


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