Cancer rising love horoscope

You have friends from different status of society and status does not bother you. You enjoy going on trips and vacation with your friends. This was your attitude towards Relationships as defined in your Birth Chart. Now, decode below your attitude towards self, Career and Emotions. Do you know?

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Your Sun Sign is different than the one you know. Read here more about your Vedic Sun Sign! Know what the signs of these houses tell about you. Your Self-esteem and Self-worth is proportional to the amount of money you make. With Leo as the Second House, you place a lot of importance on your finances and earning money.

Financial Security becomes very important for you to live a satisfied and happy life. Making money by living in a public eye, or making people laugh, or helping people, or artistically expressing yourself, interests you.

You are the one who is cracking the jokes at workplace, trying to make everyone laugh. You take work seriously, only if it is of your interest and you care about it. And if you love your work, you will work really hard and might even over-do it and over-load yourself. Work inspires you and you are generally lucky at your workplace.

Cancer Rising Significance

You might have tendency to over-indulge in food, alcohol and hence have problems with weight, drinking and digestive system. You need to take breaks to exercise and curb the tendency to over-eat. Tenth House in Aries makes you competitive and impulsive in your profession. Initially, you might have had stage fright; but as you progress, you start loving the spotlight and the stage.

Cancer Ascendant: The Cancer Rising Sign Characteristics

You would be impulsive in your career decisions in the beginning and hence, might land up in a completely irrelevant profession. You need to give yourself enough time to know and understand what you want from career and once you do that, there is no turning back. Once you figure out what you want, you are ambitious, hard-working, aggressive and competitive to achieve success.

You might face competition from not only your coworkers, but also from those above you. Here are free tips on how to select an Astrologer. Cancer Ascendant First Impression, Personality, Creativity and Spiritual Side 'Emotional, Sensitive, Caring with a good sense of humour' is what people think of you, when they first meet you. Their identity is strongly based on the emotions and feelings. First House in Cancer renders a personality that is soft, caring, cautious and at times moody.

These individuals have a good sense of humour and a strong intuition. Always ready to help, they are sensitive towards the feeling of people around them and are very protective of the loved ones. Full of emotions and feelings, they are at ease when they are able to express themselves. Cautious about revealing their feelings, they withdraw just like a crab when confronted.

They love food. They are advised to stay away from the negative energy. Fifth House in Scorpio makes you someone who loves to know the secrets of the people and almost everything under the sun. Your favorite timepass is to research and solve the mysteries. You easily get obsessed but love change. Today, you may be obsessed with writing, tomorrow with playing guitar.

You long for overly emotional relationships and it is in fact your possessiveness and overly emotional behaviour, that affect your long term relationships.

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Experimental in Love and Romance, you see them as a way of transformation. You will be over-protective of your children and keep them disciplined. With Pisces as the Ninth House, you have a religious bent of mind. You have a philosophical nature and are idealistic. Your spiritual beliefs help you in daily routine and in solving your problems. You are totally a water baby!

Though you often dream of travelling to imaginary places, you prefer staying at home. Air Signs denote flexible, experimental and inventive attitude towards various aspects of life. With Fourth House in Libra, you need peace and harmony in family life and a house that is pleasant and beautiful. You yearn for emotional security from your family.

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  5. Too much chaos and loudness, makes you uncomfortable and restless. You act as a mediator in your family and make compromises as well. You dream of your own house which is well-maintained and luxurious. The severance of relations, most often, occurs on the initiative of a partner. Cancer Ascendant for man shows how he seems to people around him. Such a changeable and secretive man, you will not meet again. He is sensitive and vulnerable, which he carefully conceals under his firm shell. He wants to protect himself from adversity and disappointment, so many perceive him as an impregnable fortress.

    But with close acquaintance, he reveals himself completely different — deep, open and sentimental.

    Cancer Rising Decans

    An independent and strong spirit man who really values close relationships. His emotions, sometimes, go off scale, which makes him capricious and unbalanced. To understand it is difficult, as well as to keep up with the flow of thoughts. Today he is reserved and silent, and in the morning already, like a whirlwind, rushes about business, something is coming up and going on a trip. If a woman can catch his mood and reconcile with inconstancy, then a wonderful tandem will turn out.

    A man with an ascendant in Cancer takes offense at every nonsense, but inside is an unusually gentle and sensitive man. Just do not need to bother him with questions about feelings — he still eludes the answer. Women like his devotion and compassion, which is akin to the fatherly. But, it is difficult to solve it, because he is sensitive to everything related to life, work and love. He perfectly feels people, therefore, if he makes mistakes in someone, then he immediately retires.

    His love is always sincere and strong, if the ascendant in Cancer is with a man. Although, in relationships often chooses for himself the role of the victim, which torments and exhausts him more than it seems outwardly. He pays attention to women who are wealthy, determined and serious. A woman feeds a family, and he maintains order in the house.

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    But, over time, he thoroughly bored, because he is a creative person, who also wants to be realized.