February 8 solar eclipse horoscope

The Sun represents illumination and the conscious mind.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology: Cosmic Change Agents

When the Moon representing the subconscious, emotions, and inner needs hinders the light of the Sun during eclipse, we see things differently. Our perspective shifts as inherent needs come to the forefront. Opportunities can come or go. Disruption leads to necessary growth. Read about the Chinese Astrology of this year here. It calls for simple, natural beauty, held by an ancestral wisdom.

The Western World is married to linear concepts of time.

Astrology July 2-8 2019 Cancer New Moon Total Solar Eclipse

But there are many traditions in which time is not so straightforward. Rather, time is circuitous, some would say , promiscuous. The future and past are combining and copulating, giving birth to one another with abandon.

Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse - Honor Your Sensitivity - Guru Rattana Blog

There are beings who traverse there in the space betwixt definition and regulation; those who hop timelines and bend frameworks inside invisible shared superhighways of neurological nets. These are the rebels, the mavericks, and reformers. The untameable creatives. Those with attunement to the higher mind that comprises collective genius. Aquarius speaks to this weirdness; the aberrants to the rules.

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The divergent deviants who defy compartmentalization. There is something alien, outskirtish, and angelic of these natives. Something of the scintillating future echoing a prodigal past. Queer yourself to receive these potentials. Step outside the lines of the known and into a higher dimension to accept these gifts.

Messages will come this Moon. Contracts will be questioned, broken, or presented. Suggestions may come from beyond the hierarchy and outside status quo. Words written and spoken will re-evolve minds.

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A radical honesty is necessitated. Power struggle and the fate of shared resources are making way for new developments. Listen closely to the reasonings presented, and imagine. Aquarius sits at a strange gate of consciousness, an etheric residence between human and divine. An oddity that borders on total grace-filled objectivity and complete captivity of mind.

:: NEW MOON :: Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius Report, February 15, 2018

To counter this ivory tower syndrome, give the mental mercenaries a break. Take the journey from head to unguarded Heart. Melt walls with warmth and generosity of spirit. A flower — violets in an ancient pot — cannot grow in the absence of sunshine. During this eclipse season, we have become aware of the shortcomings of community. The rise of individualist economy and isolationist technology have changed the ways we know how to relate. And yet, it becomes more important than ever to connect and gather.

What is the future of our communities? To inform and upgrade our communities and technologies, look to the greatest innovator: Nature. Study and replicate its systems of interdependence. It begins with each person being exactly who they are and offering their gifts for the benefit of All. But are these longings firmly grounded in reality? Beware not to deal solely in your projected desires, or you may set yourself up for disappointment. For the time being, embrace the foggy mire.

Confusion will eventually give way to clarity. Accept, forgive, and lean into unconditional love. Romance is heightened now. Health and medicine also come into the picture this Moon.

Set new objectives for your journey towards healing. Some routine, protocol, or other form of healthy boundaries could help release excess inflammation and toxicity. Salt therapies, flower essences, homeopathy, and deep relaxation may be in order. Excellent time for dreamwork, intuitive development, and creative pursuits.

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Adjust your lens from self-worship to reverence for the consciousness present in All That Is. Make offerings of beauty, of simple grace, of violets. Affirm the innate talent of what exists. Uplift the underdog.

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Invite the ephemeral. Love the world in totality, exactly as it is. Mercury enters Pisces February 17th: Sensitive, intuitive, and empathic perceptions and communications. Soft edges. Heightened dreams and inspirations.

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Ephemera and nebulae. Sun enters Pisces February 18th: This is the gestational period before emergence. Be cleansed. Let go and let God dess and allow the next dream to move through and prepare to take form. July 30, Partial. February 3, February 14, February 25, March 7, March 18, March 29, April 8, April 20, April 30, May 11, May 22, June 3, June 13, June 25, July 5, July 16, July 27, August 8, This aspect can also bring other challenges to love, money, or expression.

This often makes the challenges that come easier to push through. It is common with squares to Jupiter that motivation or follow through can be challenged or lacking so look out for this theme especially in the first half of February. February 6 — Venus in Aquarius Sextile Uranus in Aries — this aspect can bring boosts to your social life, love life, finances, and artistic expression. It is a great aspect for making money decisions or launching something new in love or business.

It can sometimes bring displays of ego and self-righteousness. The best advice for this time is to be conservative with your commitments and expression. It could also come with a tendency to overestimate your capacity to follow through with something you are promising. Try to adjust your commitments at this time to focus on under-promising leaving more likely the chance that you will over-deliver instead of the reverse. Group or team focus expands in wonderful ways. Mars square Neptune opening the channels to creative energy.

Mercury in Aquarius Sextile Uranus in Aries can enhance communication and expression and find futuristic resolutions to old problems and Venus in Pisces Sextile Saturn in Sagittarius bring abstract ideas into form in wonderful ways. Anything requiring intellectualizing flows well. Community-based projects can get a boost and anything involving social media or the internet also gets extra energy.

Romance can flourish at this time. Emotional spending is more likely but could be worthwhile if you feel clear enough to make good decisions and can afford the expenditure.

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  6. This is also a great transit for artists and art-related projects. This is a good time to remember that the only constant we can completely trust is our connection with Spirit and not the fickleness of the material realms. Tune in and trust gut feelings in deeper ways. Rough edges are softened with great outcomes. Look for ways to bring intuition and practicality together to maximize this transit. Unclear communication can bring challenges and conflicts. It may be hard to express feelings at this time alternatively deadlines could create creative blocks. Adding art to function is a great way to use this energy.

    The month begins with Venus entering into her shadow in Pisces, the point from which she will move direct in April. Venus will shift into Aries on the third spend the whole month of February in this special place.