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Welcome to , Scorpio. We dive headfirst into the new year with a powerful solar eclipse on Saturday, January 5 in Capricorn.

CAPRICORN December 22–January 19

However, if someone has information that has the potential to radically shift your perspective, you may want to consider keeping an ear to the ground. Whatever you do, be sure to maintain some level of criticality.

Nothing is ever just black and white. Uranus — the planet of revolution — goes direct on Sunday, January 6 , activating the area of your chart connected to routines, systems, and structures.

If your current schedule is no longer serving your soul, the next few weeks will be all about shifting your obligations to better fit your needs. When Uranus moves into Taurus in March, your interpersonal relationships will be front and center, so right now, focus on tying up any loose ends. The sun cruises into Aquarius on Sunday, January 20 , illuminating the area of your chart associated with home, family, and domesticity.

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Consider doing a small renovation project, purchasing new furniture, or simply rearranging your environment to discover new inspiration in your dwellings. Thoughtful, calculated shifts in your home will be especially meaningful on Sunday, January 21 , as the final lunar eclipse on the Leo-Aquarius electrifies your chart.

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Find Aliza on Instagram , Twitter , and her website. You form strong relationships with people at work and would enjoy traveling with a coworker you trust. Be mindful that Virgos sometimes have delicate digestive systems, so order light, well-prepared dishes of top-quality fresh fish and vegetables. You travel well with Pisces since you both enjoy similar cultural pursuits. October 23 — November 21 As the sexiest, most passionate sign of the zodiac, Scorpios prefer traveling with a romantic partner.

This sign is not one for superficial small talk or rushing about. You value your own space so, when traveling with a friend, be sure to book your own room and make private time for meditating, reading, and unwinding.

Your Horoscope for the Week of October 7

Sagittarians are well-suited to solo travel—and cruises offer the chance to get away without totally checking out. November 22 — December 21 You could drop a Sagittarius by parachute anywhere in the world and the archer will find its way around. Travel is not just something you enjoy, it is a basic need, and nothing makes you happier than being on a long-distance, preferably foreign, trip. December 22 — January 19 You prize the past and are best suited for trips to the Coliseum in Rome or Knossos in Crete. The most ambitious sign of the zodiac, getting ahead at work is never far from your mind.

You travel well with Virgo, since you both prefer a cultural vacation over a beach trip.

Your Horoscope for the Week of August 19, 12222

Since you stay abreast of current events and are often troubled by the imbalances in the world , you may travel to help those who have been marginalized, or to address environmental concerns. Aquarius is the humanitarian sign, after all.

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  7. Start planning for the next solar eclipse. Like Sagittarius, you might like to travel alone, or with fellow air sign Gemini, who would be eager to experience the same aspects of a trip. February 19 — March 20 The most spiritual sign of the zodiac, you enjoy visiting churches and religious landmarks , not only for the spiritual experience but also to admire their historic beauty.

    Pisceans often enjoy a strong bond with their mothers , making you ideally suited to a mother-son or mother-daughter vacation. Will be used in accordance with our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Astrologer Susan Miller on where you should go, and who to bring. Share via Twitter. Share via facebook dialog.


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