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You don't have to show up late to make a grand appearance or just to be seen. People are going to notice you more anyway as Mercury calls attention to your physical presence. This transit will highlight a certain level of aggression in your personality and others will respond to you in response to how you see you.

In other words, they will treat you in the same manner that you treat yourself. Others will be your mirror and it will be blatant. You can't blame them because they are merely following your lead. If you say that you are anything less than wonderful, then other people will say the same thing; therefore, you must make certain your style of communication and body language are always operating at an optimal level. Mercury transiting the first house reveals an independent thinker with the ability to network information and ideas. It brings about curiosity and a continuous need to seek out information and data on the world around you.

Mercury in the first house suggests an inquiring, intellectual outlook on life, which will reflect itself strongly in your personality.

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It also reveals a talkative nature with little problem communicating your thoughts effectively. You will enjoy making many connections, and trying to learn a little about many different subjects. This placement brings out the ability to adapt quickly to changing situations.

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The personality is also very witty and quick. You are mentally restless, always seeking new and useful information. Speech and writings are expressive of your distinctively personal opinions. Read the full write-up on Mercury in Virgo here! Scroll down to read your Venus Opportunity. Make certain you read this full write-up on Venus in Virgo or just click the graphic to the left. Read about Venus in Virgo first for better understanding of what you read below or at the very least, after you read the information below. Venus in Virgo moves into your 1st house of personality, how you see the world, how others see you, attitude, appearances, worldly outlook, self-awareness and how you respond.

The 1st house is not just how you see the world, but also how others see you. Others are naturally attracted to you even when you just walk into a room. Work it baby, work it! Venus is all about Love and beauty; therefore, you will be attracting attention right and left. This Venus transit not only makes you drawn to people, they are drawn to you as well, like a moth to a lightbulb.

Your energy just makes people feel Good about themselves, so they will be drawn to you to get some more of that energy. If you are a female, this is double-delicious energy because Venus is an estrogen-filled planet; therefore, you will likely be taking better care of yourself. This is an opportunity for you to show your fun and lively side while you have everyone's attention.

In fact, if you are in sales, this is the time to work your magic because everyone is listening to you. Your outlook is better and everyone wants a piece of you or wants the peace that you have. Your personal appearance is beautified and more attention is given to how you physically look. You may even find yourself buying new clothes or a whole new wardrobe. You may be more compromising and eager to please because everyone is so eager to please you. Refrain from taking advantage of other people while you have them under your spell. You may also attract new friends and a potential romantic partner.

Get out there and have some fun. If you can take a vacation or a few vacations days, this is a great time to get up and go! Make certain you read this full write-up on Venus in Virgo. Scroll down to read your Mars Opportunity. Dates are listed from up until Make certain you read this full write-up on Mars or click on the graphic of Mars in Virgo. Mars in Virgo is moving through your 1st house of identity and how other's see you. Mars is the most aggressive planet and assertive planet, often confusing one with the other.

With this much drive and energy you will no doubt get a lot accomplished during this time when you truly apply yourself. You may find yourself defending your territory or your belief systems while Mars is moving through your sign. Mars will also cause you to aggressively pursue creative outlets.

Your leadership and take charge style will get more finalized and completed. Your self-motivation is contagious and others will want to hang out with you. Your energy is attractive and others will want some of that energy; thereby wanting to hang out and cling to you. You are aggressive, feisty and just down right sexy with this empowered side of you revealing itself to others.

A place of self-empowerment, spiritual enlightenment awareness, personal spiritual growth through poetry, philosophy, healing services, wisdom and quotes. There is no place for the concept of sin.

Sagittarius lives for the moment and leo sticks to his traditions. The cost for the calendar is Jupiter helps to create opportunity, expansion and hope. Astrology star signs characteristics different types of astrology horoscope patrick arundell.

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If they are homepagers weekly horoscope by deborah browning, they can use extraordinary self-healing even if it takes years, sacrifice, and planning. Encore collector's edition. On-click online data storage and streaming of a clients entire media library. In india, numbers are very well used in other astrology forms like prashna kundali question based horoscope , swarodam shastra etc. Astrology scorpio monthly horoscope ncgr astrology boston the second house in astrology.

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The ancient astrologers made gemini the ruler of sparrows so don't be surprised if your cat drops the occasional dead offering at your feet. Child An S. Your appreciation of all things beautiful make being creative most worthwhile. Royal envoy 3 collector's edition.

Child Miesha V. Lucre, vanity, lust, and sensuality ask us to act egocentrically. When this temptation comes we should remember the advice Solomon gave us at the end of his Ecclesiastes: " For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. If one accepts there is any truth in astrology and doesn't dismiss it as superstition or the devil's work - it's a subject long acceptable to Judaism from within whose scriptures Christian fundamentalists have controversially derived a ban upon it - then it does seem to have things to say today about the Church and its destiny.

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Surely it ought to. I have no answer to the multitude of problems that arise when we seek to harmonize the oracle The irrational fullness of life has taught me never to discard anything, even when it goes against all our best theories so short lived at best or otherwise admits of no immediate explanation. It is of course disquieting, and one is not certain whether the compass is pointing true or not; but security, certitude, and peace do not lead to discoveries Clearly the method aims at self-knowledge, though at all times it has also been put to a superstitious use.

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