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During Titanic's brief history Moon and Saturn repeatedly occupy the Via Combusta or the ancient's "burning way" of 19 deg. Scorpio thus presaging the ship's horrific fate. As she sat in the docks at Southhampton the coal in her bunkers began to smoulder from spontaneous combustion- "burning" manifested. This aspect details how many of the company's passengers or "family" would meet their end - in a watery grave.

The lunar square applying to Venus in Aquarius points to the public's fascination with the nostalgic past, "rule Britannia" and the need for new company assets to be built and employed in order to lure a newly emerging trans-Atlantic traffic.

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The eventual fate of the company; its vessels and its hapless passengers is denoted by the 6th house lunar opposition to Pluto in the 12th- death by drowning. White Star's assets were eventually to be taken over seventeen months later, on Sept. Morgan Group, a U. Jupiter, ruler of the eighth house of shared assets and death, was conjunct the South Node in the eleventh house of unexpected events and insurance, denoting a total loss- ex.

The beginning of the modern liner fleet came with the newly reformed White Star Line's registry on 6 Sept. For this history and astrology sketch's purposes the Sept. Sun in Virgo was square Saturn in Sagittarius; company executives and builders having faith in big, pet ideas proposed by authority, something to prove.

Scorpio rising ruled by Pluto in TAU. Registry Neptune 19 deg. Aries squares Uranus in 9th house of legalities and long voyages. With the advent of reliable steam-powered vessels White Star's small capacity sailing packets were no longer competitive. The survival and success of the newly reformed company depended on the firm's owners doing something radically different. What was needed was a new, more efficient, larger type of steamship made possible by technical advances in metallurgy, design and ship building technique.

All three of the new Titanic class liners laid down from to were involved in serious mishaps at sea. Titanic's keel was laid down at Belfast on 31 March the closest prior Solar eclipse was on Dec. Set for noon Belfast, Ireland, we see disruptive Uranus, lord of the 8th house, conjunct Mars in Capricorn, signifying the great ship stopped by an iceberg; a "solid, cold object".

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Venus' dispositor is Mars in the 6th opposing the Leo 00 deg. The Sun in Aries, lord of the ascendant, squares Neptune in the 12th pointing to a hidden fatal flaw in the ship's structure and design. Neptune in Cancer; posited in a cadent house represents the watery energy ruling the 9th house of long journeys. Neptune is squared by both Sun and Saturn- both signs are intercepted. The proud Leo Moon- ruler of the Cancer interception, trines So. Honors in military endeavors. Alamak is supposed to give a cheerful nature with a liking for change, diversion and amusement.

The popularity of these people will bring benefits from others. Almach is a double star. It has a yellowish-reddish companion which is supposed to have a Martian character. Both stars are moving around a center point. This is supposed to bring about the change in preponderance of the Venus and Mars character alternatively. They are said to make their natives wanton, ambitious, turbulent, optimistic and peaceful; to give many journeys and voyages, success in agriculture and through active intelligence; and to cause blindness, disgrace and a violent death.

Their influence is distinctly evil and there is no astrological warrant for the oft-quoted passage Job xxxviii. Words like "evil influence", as in the above case, is likely to relate to homosexuality in men, an unmentionable word in Robson's days.

Other substitutions were: "not a good omen with regard to relationships to the opposite sex", "disgrace", "immoral", "evil disposition". Alcyone causes love, eminence, blindness from fevers, small pox, and accidents to the face. The Pleiades gives ambition and endeavor, which gives preferment, honor and glory. Not a good omen with regard to relationships to the opposite sex. The Pleiades causes bereavement, mourning, sorrows and tragedies.

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Eric Morse, p. If at the same time the Sun is in opposition either to the Ascendant or to Mars, violent death. The rising Pleiades are indicative of those who are homosexual, like to be flattered, and with a poorly positioned Mercury impudent in speech. When setting this group of star can have just the opposite nature. If aspected by benefics when setting the indications are of a pleasant death and if aspected by both malefics and benefics the native is said to be fond of arts and perhaps even become a painter who will acquire great honors in his lifetime.

As an example of the fortunate nature of the Pleiades, Josephus, the great Jewish historian A. Beneath their influence devotees of Bacchus god of wine and ecstasy and Venus goddess of love are born into the kindly light, and people whose insouciance runs free at feasts and banquets and who strive to provoke sweet mirth with biting wit. They will always take pains over personal adornment and an elegant appearance they will set their locks in waves of curls or confine their tresses with bands, building them into a thick topknot, and they will transform the appearance of the head by adding hair to it; they will smooth their hairy limbs with the porous pumice, loathing their manhood and craving for sleekness of arm.

They adopt feminine dress, footwear donned not for wear but for show, and an affected effeminate gait. They are ashamed of their sex; in their hearts dwells a senseless passion for display, and they boast of their malady, which they call a virtue.

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To give their love is never enough, they will also want their love to be seen". If with the luminaries it makes its natives military captains, commanders, colonels of horse and emperors. If in 7th house, blindness, especially if Saturn or Mars be with Regulus.

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If with Mars and Venus the native will be a potent king obeyed by many people but subject to many infirmities. If in the 7th house, total blindness especially if Saturn or Mars be with Regulus and the Moon be combust. If at the same time Saturn is with Regulus, violent death in a tumult. He was blinded by Oenopion the name means "wine-faced" for having raped Merope, Oenopion's daughter, but recovered his sight by exposing his eyes to the rising sun.

In consequence of his boast that he could slay any beast bred upon the earth the scorpion Scorpius was brought forth and Orion died from its sting. It is said to give a strong and dignified nature, self-confidence, inconstancy, arrogance, violence, impiety, prosperity in trade and particularly by voyages or abroad, but danger of treachery and poison.

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It was thought by the Romans to be very harmful to cattle and productive of storms. A single light marks each of his shining shoulders, and three aslant trace the downward line of his sword: but three mark Orion's head, which is imbedded in high heaven with his countenance remote. It is Orion who leads the constellations as they speed over the full circuit of heaven.

A son of Orion's will be worth a multitude and will seem to dwell in every quarter of the city; flying from door to door with the one word of morning greeting, he will enjoy the friendship of all.

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According to Ptolemy and Lilly it is of the nature of Jupiter and Saturn, but later authors consider it favorable and similar to Jupiter and Mars. Alvidas likens it to Mercury Mars and Jupiter. It gives benevolence, honor, riches, happiness, glory, renown and inventive or mechanical ability. If Rigel is conjunct with the Sun, Moon, MC or Ascendant , quick rise in life is promised on account of a strong, inherent will power, love of action, and a lucky hand in enterprise. A continuous battle to retain an acquired position has to be waged. This fight at the same time stimulates an increase in vigor.

Even in spite of unhelpful aspects, success and reaching the set aim can be secured by this powerful concentration. If however the native is not cautious or has an attack of weakness, failure and disappointments, a fall from success will follow. Tradition regarding the influence of Rigel is quite contradictory, implying again that the cosmogram must be fully analyzed.

After the first world war, at the time of the first transatlantic flights, Elsbeth Ebertin noted a connection of Rigel to the Sun and Moon, in charts of several world record pilots, leading to sudden difficulties in the carrying out of planned enterprises resulting in failures to reach the set target.

⭐Fixed Stars in Astrology⭐

It gives great civil or military honor but danger of sudden dishonor, renown, wealth, eminent friends and liability to accidents causing blindness and ruin. If prominent in a woman's map it makes her loquacious and shrewish, and gives a high-pitched, hard and sharp voice. If positive properties can be drawn out, will lead to advancement and success, but those who succeed always have to allow for being surrounded with envy and hatred.