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I was born July 19, at pm in Denver, CO. I am a cancer with Leo tendencies. I am an oscillating cusper. I think…. I was born on Feb.

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Click here to find out your true Sun Sign Opens another page on this website. I was wondering if there could be a cusp compatibility chart made for each cusp? If not, is there anywhere I can find one? Sofia, I am currently working on an article that deals with this topic.

Cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius - LOVE LIFE

Subscribe to the blog — link in left hand sidebar, and you will be notified when the article is published. I was born on June 20, at Louise Mississippi. What is my cups sign? Aloha AJ Ashley! Mahalo for your time and talent. It depends on your time of birth. The sun moved into Gemini at Pacific Time on May 20, If you were born before that time then you are a Taurus.

Sagittarius Personality

However, you were definitely born on the Cusp of Taurus and Gemini. Click the link to find out more about your personality. I was born March 29 am in Omaha Nebraska. Diane, your sun sign is definitely Aries , but your personality will be influenced by the position of all the planets in your Birth Chart. Visit this page to create your free birth chart , which also has a link to another site that has all the free info you need to help you to interpret your chart.

Hi I was born in New Westminster B. Plse help me figure this out. I was always told I was a Taurus but I think you migt tell me something different today? Thank you!

Sun enters Scorpio

Renae, you were born at Although you were born on the Cusp of Aries and Taurus , Your personality will also be influenced by the position of all the planets in your Birth Chart. Thanks in advance! Hi Aisha, I cant give you accurate advice, because you have not given the location of your birth. I was born on February 21, in Fayetteville North Carolina. I find that I identify with Aquarius and Pisces. Can you help? Please and thank you. Hi Sara. The sun moved into Pisces on 18 February , so that is your Sun Sign.

However, you may find my article about those born on the Cusp of Aquarius and Pisces useful. I always felt like more of a cancer than a leo, but I would like to know for sure. You were born at GMT, so although Leo is your sun sign, because you were born right on the Cusp, I am not surprised you feel more of a Cancer. You can find out more in my article about those born on the Cancer-Leo Cusp.

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  8. I was born on april 20th , goiania, goias, Brazil at pm brazilian time, and I know i was born on the aries-taurus cusp but idk which one is the dominant sign, help!? Hi Deborah, thanks for stopping by.

    You were born at GMT on a day that the sun moved into Taurus at This means that your Sun sign is Taurus. However, because you were born on the Cusp, you will have a mix of both signs.

    Sagittarius Dates of Birth

    If you were born on the Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp, from December 18 to 24, you are a true visionary headed toward certain success! You were born on the Cusp of Prophecy, and your strong will and intense determination will get you anywhere you want to go. Jupiter rules Sagittarius as the planet of expansion, and Saturn rules Capricorn as the planet of limits and lessons -- this means you get the best of both worlds!

    This combination of inspiration and sensibility blesses you with not only great visions, but also the practicality to turn them into something real. You are fueled with the passion of a Fire sign Sagittarius and the determination of an Earth sign Capricorn , pushing you forward with fierce tenacity! The Fire element helps you think positively and get excited about life, but Fire alone can die out quickly.

    Thankfully you are also influenced by the Earth element, which gives you an extra dose of stamina to take things to the finish line. People born on the Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp are social, caring, and loyal. You'll always be surrounded by people who love and admire you and are interested in what you have to say. Being as enlightened and reasonable as you are, others continually seek your advice. Just be gentle and understanding with those who come to you! Teaching others is a strong suit of yours, as long as you don't get aggressive or impatient with people who learn at a different pace.

    As I have mentioned earlier about cusps in general, they are more than their individual astrological parts. Cusp signs are very interesting because they can be hybrid signs or combination signs. Regardless, they are worth their own specific investigation. They are worth knowing based on their own terms. This applies to cusps in general, and this definitely applies to Sagittarius Capricorn cusp personalities in particular. The Capricorn can be a nerd. They are so focused on work sometimes that they can basically throw their whole soul, their whole being, and their whole emotional constellation into a particular project.

    The project might be very non-nerdy. The project can be sports. The project can be making a lot of money.

    Regardless, they can really throw in all their being into a particular project. However, if you are a Sagittarius Capricorn cusp, this can be a serious issue. You can become very unbalanced. Your inner nerd can be so strong that it shuts out your social side. This can really affect your career prospects. The Sagittarius side of the Sagittarius Capricorn cusp is very social. The Sagittarius, after all, is one of the most social signs of the horoscope. You love being around people.

    18 Truths All Pisces-Aries Cusps Will Relate To

    This is good news for the Sagittarius Capricorn cusp. You have a very strong geek side. Geeks run technology; geeks run social scenes; geeks run social trends, you name it. You have this strong geek side in your personality. However, you need to polish it. You have to understand, success in life is not some sort of magical incantation. Action is needed. You have to make a decision. However, since you have a strong geek side, it takes less action for to you achieve success.

    Sun in Libra Horoscopes

    The funny thing about the Sagittarius Capricorn cusp is that in many cases, you are insecure about your ability to interact with other people. While you have a strong desire to be surrounded by people, to talk to a lot of people, and get to get into their worlds; you have a lot of doubts as to your ability to do so. The truth is, you can work a crowd id you allow yourself to. You can close a lot of sales, you can open a lot of relationship, you can basically do whatever you want on the social realm if you give yourself permission to.

    This is what makes it difficult; this is what makes it frustrating. Make no mistake about it.