Virgo weekly horoscope february 9

Making things by hand can connect you to your earthy sensuality—and don't underestimate the power of TLC to calm your parasympathetic nervous system. Who wants a hug?! Sensible Taurus also reminds us that the best things in life are free—or at least possible to buy at a wholesale discount.

Look for budgetary leaks and tighten up your belt accordingly.

Virgo - Weekly Horoscope from 3rd February to 9th February 2019

Keep the love goggles OFF this Thursday…and the rose-colored glasses, too. Get the Horoscope Guide!

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Your Weekly Overview: What do you show and what do you hide? Pinnacle successes can occur during this period — for example, publishing an important project, graduating, moving in with someone, having a child, getting a promotion, and so forth. Matters related to universities, higher education, organized religion, publishing, legal affairs, and foreign interests proceed smoothly.

You are likely to enjoy good humor, optimism, and a larger perspective on matters that keeps you from getting lost in details or overly frustrated by everyday stresses and strains.


This can be a year in which you experience important turning points, or you could begin new projects or goals that have a long-term impact on your life. You may lose your fear of taking risks this year on a social level, and happily embrace all that is new, unusual, and out-of-the-ordinary with regards to romantic involvements as well as financial undertakings. You are ready to experiment, and while not necessarily non-commital, you do value your ability to choose your pleasures. This could be a good year for financial undertakings involving electronics, technology, the internet, metaphysics, and the arts, as well as group activities.

You have a taste for the offbeat this year, and this energy can bring sudden or unexpected romance into your life, perhaps a scenario that feels like love at first sight. Bursts of creativity and energy help you to further your goals. Healthy risk-taking is likely now as you are more able to spot an opportunity when you see one.

This is an excellent period for helping people, teaching, and growing through your connections. This is a year of new beginnings and fresh energy.

Your Weekly Overview:

You are enthusiastic and especially open to new experiences and interests. This is a powerful time for connecting with others and sharing common goals and pleasures. Some areas of life are growing exponentially, but you should watch for pushing too hard or dwelling on matters that frustrate more than motivate. Ruled by Mercury. This is a year of discovery and freedom.

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It's a time when exploration and reaching out to others brings opportunities. It's a good time to advertise, promote, and sell. Surprises are in store, and the routine is broken for the better. This is a year when exciting relationships can be formed; or, if you are already in a partnership, new life is breathed into the relationship.

Advice - explore, look for adventure, keep your eyes open for opportunities, diversify, mingle. Ruled by Venus. Private Life: Money and Job:.

Virgo daily horoscope – February 9 12222

Rita Ann is a very high profile astrologer. Fifth generation, Rita Ann started studying at age 4, charting at age 9, amateur counseling at age 15, and went professional in her mid twenties after college. She became horoscope. Monday the 11th you may be invited or directed to take short trips around town running back and forth from place to place and focusing on the needs and details of the items you may have to have in order to do these things is paramount.

Others of you may be invited on road trips with friends to enjoy the day. Outings of various kinds are also likely for another cross-section of you. Whichever the case, it's highly likely for many of you to be on the move.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope: November |

Tuesday the 12th the full moon has your nose to the grindstone with routine work and details and focusing on the fine print, the bottom line and many of the details involved with them, is key to a successful day. Wednesday the 13th plan ahead, as your judgment is excellent and as you map out the next several days or even weeks, you can formulate an excellent future with success and soundness.

Keep in mind Mercury goes direct on the 20th and much of what you have been experiencing will totally change. There are many indications for a hefty cross-section of you to have an idealistic and romantic evening. Thursday the 14th keep your emotions and thinking well balance between each other if you want a successful day, as you face what appear to be several up-and-down energies throughout the day.

Friday the 15th appears to be a cooperative and excellent day filled with wonderful accomplishments and far better success than Thursday the 14th held.

Virgo Health & Wellness Horoscope

Saturday the 16th is an excellent day to make decisions and choices, as things go smoothly and successfully, especially given the retrograde. Sunday the 17th may be a slightly uncomfortable day for many of you, but it appears to be mostly due to those around you who are having slightly challenging days or, there are several challenging emotions and energies going on around you. In either case, it is not, repeat, not, you. Try to disengage from what's going on and have a relaxing and enjoyable day with friends and family. Romance does well this week, especially if you maintain and eye on the future.

Take things into consideration be willing to be patient to compromise and to plain old wait.